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Confidence in sport begins with innovative style and ends with unprecedented performance. The Wolf personifies our principles to succeed in style with its focus, intelligence and strength. Juxtaposing fashion with sport, our mission is to create products that are suitable for the modern lifestyle.

Greyson was founded by Charlie Schaefer, previous SVP of design at Ralph Lauren. After 13 years of design experience from Ralph Lauren, Charlie parted ways to take on his biggest dream – the creation of his own label. Charlie has proudly named his company after his daughter, and presents Greyson Clothiers.

inspirited with the concept of functionality, innovation & creativity.

Greyson will redefine golf and activewear by creating components that are both fashionable and technical. The power of The Wolf brings forth instinct, intelligence, appetite for freedom, and the significance of a pack. The Wolf personifies Greyson’s principles to achieve greatness with strength and camaraderie. Motivated by superior tailoring and construction, Greyson strives to be a pioneer of innovative products. The blend of fashion and sport will prove a sustainable trend, as fitness, wellness, and health are becoming priorities in all facets of life. Passion and vision will drive the team to create specialized products.

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